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School Vision

Our vision is to take schooling authentically in to the 21st century realm, breaking the redundant chains of factory model type of education. *The school will strive to prepare every student to be problem solvers and will challenge them to be productive members of our society . The school would guide students to adopt good Islamic values to succeed in this life and hereafter.

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Our Mission

The mission of Edu21 is to equip students with modern education and technology by introducing innovative teaching methodologies to foster key competences of 21st century. Our mission is to inspire students in an Islamic environment to excel in a diverse society.

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Highly Researched Preschool

We combine playful curiosity and the freedom for exploring with deep scientific understanding about how children learn. Numerous studies show that children who learn through inquiry and play go on to succeed academically. Our approach and methods are based on the latest research in education and pedagogy.

Main Areas


  • Transformation of traditional school
  • Montessori teachers training
  • 21st century school management training to Principals

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The Flipped Classroom Model

This video provides an introduction to the flipped classroom modelPublished on May 27, 2012


Interactive Learning Environment

Develop a love for Allah, His messenger (SAW) and the believers

Develop a love for Pakistani culture and traditions.

Connect the learning of every student with real world

Global awareness and cross- cultural learning

Critical thinking and problem solving skills

Creativity and imagination

Communication skills and collaboration